Frequently asked questions

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Is Single Sign On via Azure AD possible?

This can be implemented by our service desk. A lot of customers are already using this integration. We assume that the customer already has an Azure AD to manage its users within the organisation.

Are there new releases coming out regularly?

We are working towards 4 releases per year, per quarter. Shared Saas environments get these releases relatively quickly. For customers on on-premise/private environments, we review with them when an upgrade will be planned.

How is the backup organised?

Zeticon ensures secure and sustainable storage of files and their metadata. This includes standard backups and redundant storage.

Can external people upload assets?

Within our solution, there is an Import module.

This is a web application that allows (external) people to upload images via a structured workflow and even enforce certain basic metadata, if desired. These images can then enter a "waiting room", where a quality check and/or internal approval must first take place before they are finally stored in the DAM/MAM for further use and/or publication.

Import module

What languages is your solution available in?

You can use our solution in different languages (default English, Dutch, French). Individual registered users can change this to their preferred language. If you want our solution available in another language, please contact our team!

Does the system support common browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)?

Yes, the platform supports common browsers.

Does your software have preservation functionality?

The Zeticon platform is set up in such a way to ensure sustainable preservation and retrieval of different types of object formats. During ingest, the original objects are written to different locations. Multiple derivatives are also created during the ingest process, typically a preview derivative and a preservation derivative. The preview derivative has the purpose that this can be used for display in the application and/or integrating retrieval applications. The preservation derivative also aims to ensure long-term readability of the object. There are preservation actions: The system automatically performs preservation actions on a bulk of information objects based on predefined rules.

How flexible is Zeticon with metadata?

Zeticon's solutions are known for a highly flexible metadata model.

How is the continuity of your product be ensured?

Since February 2018, Zeticon has been part of the Cronos Group, Belgium's largest privately owned IT group. Cronos is a large group of autonomous IT companies. As a network organisation, Cronos knows how to establish cooperation between the various autonomous subsidiaries like no other. The resulting synergies are a great asset for the further growth of Zeticon and its solutions to the market, and thus the sustainable service to the customer. In addition, today our platform is used by more than 60 individual customers with whom we have a long-term relationship.

What happens to our content if the partnership is discontinued?

Our customers retain ownership of their data. There is no vendor lock-in, everything entered into the system can also be extracted.

If the partnership is discontinued, there are 2 options:

1. If the customer does the export itself, this can be done either via the application or via the Open Rest API of our solution.

2. In the case of off-boarding, the images and associated data are provided via XML (universal format). Zeticon has to do the script itself. Guidance on exporting is provided.

Is your solution AVG/GDPR compliant?

We offer an answer to this question based on two levels:

- At the application level: In our solution, it is possible to configure metadata fields that store the necessary information regarding GDPR on an object. Zeticon informs the customer about the GDPR legislation and what it means for them. We look together at how to implement it in practice such that our customer is in line with the GDPR legislation. Our platform has a group-based rights system that ensures objects can only be seen and edited by authorised groups of users.

- At the administrative level via a processing agreement: A Processing Agreement is drawn up for each customer in accordance with this. Zeticon has templates available to draw up a VWO.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact us via our online contact form. Or register your question/problem via a ticket on our service desk. We will get back to you soon. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours. For urgent issues, we recommend calling us directly at the number listed on this support page.

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