Who is Zeticon

As a Belgian software company, Zeticon aims to deploy sustainable, scalable and high-performance SaaS solutions for the loading, management, storage and distribution of different types of digital assets (both structured and non-structured information).

Static or dynamic assets, from one terabyte to tens of petabytes, use your own server or prefer a fully integrated SaaS solution, front- and/or back-end integrations. Everything is possible!

We always start from the needs of the end user and the business processes of our customer in developing our solutions.

Our basic principles

Why choose Zeticon?

Putting customers first

At Zeticon, the whole story starts from the customer's needs, not from a brilliant idea made on a drawing board. Customers are closely involved in the development of our solutions. We start from the customer's work processes and try to set them up as efficiently as possible.

Structural and sustainable cooperation

We strongly believe that software is just a tool that only offers its added value if it is implemented from within the right business processes and integrated with the existing processes.

Broad technological expertise

We follow the rapidly evolving market closely for you. Thanks to the open architecture of our solution, we can then efficiently enrich our system in such a way that you enjoy a future-proof platform.


We focus on strong service. Transparent and open communication with our customers is key.

We make complex processes simple

Based on a standard platform, we offer scalable, flexible and high-performance archiving solutions for the management of images and digital documents. These solutions guarantee not only the individuality of each public institution, but also findability, readability and long-term preservation. The structured and user-friendly platform can be implemented as a Cloud solution, on-premise or as a hybrid solution.

Our products

Behind the scenes: tons of experience

Are you coming to visit us? You will see a team full of experts and enthusiasts who will be delighted to take a close look at your project.

Our clients know what they can expect from our team. This is a result of our transparency and open communication around our projects.

Do you want to join us?


Part of the Cronos Group

Zeticon is part of the Cronos Group. The Cronos Group is the largest independent, unlisted IT company in Belgium with more than 7,000 employees and over 500 competence centres. Through collaboration with the relevant competence centres, Zeticon can always count on the desired expertise and reinforcement when needed.

Meet the Cronos Group

Alexis Rombaut, Systemarchitect

Before, you wanted to put on ten different 'hats' at the same time and take on extra tasks. Now there is room to take off a few 'hats', so that you can focus more on your own main task.

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Olivier Deschrijver, projectmanager

You can indicate yourself what you would like to do. If you feel like exploring something else, they look at all the possibilities within Zeticon and give you the opportunity to grow and move your expertise.

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Niels Van der Straeten, projectmanager

The right support, diverse range of tasks and the chance to further explore my interest in the Cloud makes Zeticon the ideal first employer!

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Azize Erg√ľn, Junior Software Engineer

The atmosphere at Zeticon was unique from the first job interview. Everyone is very friendly, open and interested in my professional and personal journey.