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What is the cost of a standard public portal?

A standard public portal is included in each of our licence models. There are no additional costs for this.

How is the licensing model structured?

We offer our solution in 4 different subscription models depending on customer needs. The subscriptions are called Essential, Professional, Private and Enterprise. The first two run on our Shared SaaS environment and are mainly intended for customers who want to set up a standard environment quickly. The last two subscriptions can either be set up on a Private Cloud environment of the customer's choice or an On-Premise environment, and allow more extensive changes.

How is the cost divided?

The costs can be divided into one-off costs and annually recurring costs.

How much does a DAM/MAM cost?

The price depends on your organisation's needs.

We offer our solutions in 4 different subscription models, each based on the needs of the customer. The subscriptions are Essential, Professional, Private and Enterprise.

Our subscription models are completely volume-based, and are determined based on the ingested volume. Due to the flexibility of our solutions, we can scale up or down the volume according to the customer's needs.

There is no limit on the number of users, and consequently no price difference on the different types of users.

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What prices do you charge for data storage?

Data storage prices are included in the annual licence fees.

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