Frequently asked questions

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How is the backup organised?

Zeticon ensures secure and sustainable storage of files and their metadata. This includes standard backups and redundant storage.

Can I set roles and permissions myself?

Our solution has a comprehensive security model based on roles and groups, where access to assets such as images and/or documents can be regularised.

Is it possible to link user roles in the product to groups in Active Directory or Azure Active Directory?

This is possible and we have already successfully applied it several times with customers. To do this, we need to write a custom authorisation connector that creates the mapping between the groups from the AAD or AD and the roles and/or access groups within the Zeticon platform.

Is the solution hosted in the EU?

Yes. Zeticon works platform-independently. This means that different deployment models can be chosen based on the customer's needs: Shared Cloud, Private Cloud or on premise. For our Shared Cloud solution, files are stored in two different Microsoft Azure data centres. These data centres are located in the Netherlands and in Ireland for European customers.

How is data protected for confidentiality and integrity during transmission (when communicating over untrusted networks)?

The services can only be accessed via HTTPS or SSL encrypted channels. Interpersonal communication between the services takes place over a private and protected network.

What is the vulnerability management and security update/ patch policy for the product? Do you give customers timely notification in case of an identified security vulnerability?

Zeticon actively monitors security updates to the software and libraries used to build the platform. This is done by monitoring CVE updates or specific security mailing lists of the software packages used. With the exception of critical or high-risk vulnerabilities, we provide a security patch on our systems every quarter as standard. Critical and high-risk vulnerabilities are patched as soon as possible. As soon as Zeticon becomes aware of a security vulnerability that has potential impact on the platform, Zeticon notifies the customer and schedules a remedial action.

What are the robust security/encryption capabilities?

All communication by and from our solution is via encrypted channels (SSL). Data at rest is encrypted by default and can even be encrypted with keys managed by the customer.

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