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How do marketing and communication departments use our digital hub?

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In a world where visual content is an asset, every marketing and communications person needs extra help in managing digital assets. For the launch of blog visuals, website photos, social shareables or logos, you can easily use a DAM/MAM system. You also get the chance to work more efficiently with internal and external clients by sharing your material easily.

The organisation Jan De Nul can already confirm that archiving images is useful for marketing communication. Videos and images of various projects involving dredging or vessels are a rich source of marketing material for Jan De Nul.

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Organise your files efficiently

A central place where all your marketing material is brought together in a structured way. Provide your images with metadata and avoid the risk of losing context. In this way, ensure that your images are easily searchable and that copyrights are clear at a glance.

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Share your content easily

Share your marketing and communication content easily with other departments or with external agencies. With a DAM/MAM solution, you ensure that everyone uses the right file to promote your organisation or company.

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Complete control through user rights

Want to be sure the right people have access to the right data? Zeticon's solutions feature a comprehensive role-based and group-based security model that can regulate access to assets such as images and/or documents.

Decide how or who communicates about your brand!

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Integrate our solution with your other tools

Do you use other marketing tools such as CMS, PIM, CRM? Integrate our solution seamlessly and create an efficient working environment!

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