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Can Digital Asset Management be integrated with most content management systems?

Zeticon's solution is built on an API-First philosophy. This means that every functionality present in the DAM solution can be accessed from the required content management systems. This is not limited to the search and filter functionality. Because of this, our solution can be seen as a sustainable hub in which not only assets and their associated metadata can be uploaded from other (production systems), but which can also be opened up to platforms such as Web CMS, portals, e-commerce platforms, and so on.

Welke koppelingen zijn er mogelijkheid?

Het platform beschikt over een open en goed gedocumenteerde REST-API waarmee integraties gerealiseerd kunnen worden met eender welk platform. Hiermee werd reeds succesvol geintegreerd met ontsluitingsportalen, handtekenplatformen, sharepoint, ...

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