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The government faces many challenges. Citizens have certain expectations of government bodies in terms of innovation and service, so the government also has to keep up with the digitisation of our society.

Zeticon is helping the government to make this digital transformation a success. The E-repository captures public sector information in order to manage and make it available. The aim is to manage and preserve public sector information in such a way as to guarantee its integrity, authenticity, security, sustainability and accessibility. This applies in the short and long term.

A centralised platform allows you to save time, make your work more efficient and provide access to users. A digital hub with flexible search capabilities and an easy way to import metadata makes your content easy to find. Create your own metadata schemes to meet the needs of your government.

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Use Case: Digital Archive Flanders

The ongoing digitisation of the public sector is creating new challenges in the management, preservation and accessibility of digital information. That is why the Flemish Government asked Cronos Public Services and Zeticon to develop a new platform for more efficient archiving. Digital Archive Flanders was born!

In 2019, Zeticon was awarded the contract by the Flemish government to provide the hosting and storage of the digital archive.

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