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What does Archiving by Design mean?

'Archiving by design' means consciously considering the lifecycle and flow of information within an information system and processes during the design phase. Applying this principle ensures that your information is:

- More easily findable and available.

- More readable and interpretable.

- More reliable and future-proof.

In short, sustainable and accessible.

What standards, procedures and rules are used for information management?

We work with 4 principles around information management:

- Life cycle management: people know what to do with a piece/document before it is created or received

- Information management is structured on the basis of work processes (not on the basis of the organisation chart)

- Unique and complete files: a file is kept in 1 place (including hybrid files) and can be retrieved in 1 place

- Maximum information sharing (except for business-critical and personal information): everyone working on the same project has access to the information

The procedures we draw up are:

- Procedure for formatting and retaining information

- Procedure for transferring information

- Procedure for destroying information

What are the functions and capabilities of the system used to manage the information?

A system must be able to:

- Manage information classification (information security; rights and authorisations)

- Manage multiple versions of the same document (most up-to-date information)

- Be able to work on the same document simultaneously, without the risk of information loss. Allow people to collaborate more efficiently.

- Eliminate information silos

- Assign metadata to files and documents

- Define retention periods

- Be able to create integrations and links

How is it determined what information management is needed?

Through a quick scan, we determine the status of an organisation's information management. The quick scan also provides recommendations and prioritises the issues to be addressed.

What requirements should management meet?

We refer to the 4 principles of information management and:

- The information management must be carried (adopted and adapted) by all employees of the organisation

- Management must take change management into account

How will information management be tested?

By including the following aspects:

- Review of manuals, procedures and categories of documents/files

- Review of digital management vision, strategy and governance

- Process analysis

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