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  • Customer
  • Province of Antwerp
  • Problem
  • Images stored scattered in various locations, no reuse of images, many duplicates
  • Solution
  • One central platform to securely store and manage digital content

The province of Antwerp wants a digital asset management system to manage diverse media material (image, sound, video). The media must be provided with the necessary metadata in a user-friendly way.

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Various media are kept scattered in Antwerp Province. Often, these are difficult to access and, in most cases, there is no clarity about the rights on them. The images are kept (duplicated) on file servers, external hard drives, cloud applications such as Flickr or in image banks (AEM or Mediahaven). There is no organised umbrella management for the provincial administration in this regard.


The province of Antwerp therefore wants a digital asset management system to manage diverse media material (image, sound, video). The media must be provided with the necessary metadata in a user-friendly way. This way, end users - both internal and external - can easily find the necessary media and the rights of the creators and people portrayed can be honoured.

A layered rights management for users is necessary so that, depending on the role assigned, users can use additional/different functionalities (uploading, downloading, assigning metadata, rights management, user management, etc.). The DAM must be able to manage images and metadata containing privacy-sensitive data in a GDPR-compliant manner.

In addition, media and associated metadata should be easily shared with external parties.

As the Province of Antwerp is a large and diverse organisation, the application must be able to respond to different needs. For example, it should be possible for both services and independent entities to easily manage and retrieve their own uploaded media. It should be possible to publish images of certain entities separately.

The province wants an existing product that can be adapted to our organisation's needs and a hosting solution.


In early 2019, the Province of Antwerp chose to run their Communications and other services through MediaHaven. The tourism department had already been working with MediaHaven for some time but with the merger of tourism department with the province, a new system was needed and also in a different environment (from on-premise to shared cloud environment).

Zeticon went to work and built a central, user-friendly and intuitive platform that contains the right functionalities that perfectly fit the needs of Province of Antwerp. Making the media files accessible was a crucial aspect. Zeticon set up a custom metadata model that enables efficient metadata.

Accessibility to the right people was also high on the wish list of the Province of Antwerp. We built a system including a link to their authentication tool and a strong focus on everything concerning GDPR, portrait rights and copyright issues. Zeticon provides advice together with lawyers to provide a workable system in which every user can find his way and the right permissions can be set. Storing various formats and making content easily accessible to different departments and external audiences are the icing on the cake.

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