An efficient and structured digital workplace for the Justice and Enforcement Agency

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  • Client
  • The Flemish government - Justice and Enforcement Agency
  • Problem
  • Need for a digital workplace for +1200 employees that is easily accessible, automatically searchable and well-structured
  • Solution
  • Process-based implementation of SharePoint

Since 2022, the Justice and Enforcement Agency has been working to vigorously implement Flemish justice and enforcement policy. To manage and organise its tasks as efficiently and effectively as possible, it is investing in the coming months in setting up a completely new SharePoint environment.

Zeticon has been supporting the agency's information management since its creation in 2022. During an initial assessment, a number of pain points in managing digital information quickly emerged. Documents were scattered across various storage locations, which meant employees could not always find their way to essential information. Moreover, there was no consolidated way of working resulting in digital immaturity and dissatisfaction. To allow everyone at the agency to work in a uniform and modern way, we set about a transformation to an integrated environment in SharePoint.

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Project flow

Using a now tried-and-tested methodology, we get to work and work out a tailor-made process for each core process. We invest in change management and adoption, putting employees at the centre and trying to link needs to governance agreements.

Assessment & process analysis

We start each project with a comprehensive process analysis and optimisation. For the "Managing Parliamentary Questions" process, not only were the process steps themselves sharpened in mutual consultation, but the relevant needs for increased user convenience in SharePoint were also worked out. These include devising functionalities for easy file and task tracking, designing template forms and writing out dynamic mail flows.

Architecture: functional design and technical set-up

We then set to work with a group of end users to arrive at a widely supported structure and well-developed functionalities in SharePoint through design, testing and effective implementation. For the "Management of Collaboration Agreements" process, after an extensive analysis we set up a central environment in SharePoint that fully meets the requirements of the file handlers.

Permissions and security

Next, we are working on a good and clear security system. For the "Management of first-line legal assistance" process, this meant that we defined down to the level of file type who has which authorisations. This way, internal and external stakeholders (e.g. Commissioners) can only access the documents that apply to them, and all information is securely protected.

Information lifecycle: management rules, valuation of current information and migration and archiving

We then ensured that management rules were developed for the information and that appropriate measures were implemented in SharePoint to implement those management rules. For the "European Social Fund Management" process, we defined series and recorded which operational information must be migrated to the new environment, and which information is eligible for archiving.

User guidance: communication, training and support

Finally, we proactively monitor the migration and commissioning of the environment by means of a round of evaluation and after-care. For the "Network Management" process, the implementation process concluded with a customised training course for all file handlers involved. We remain in close contact after this to get a good picture of the use and acceptance of the new approach. We communicate specifically to employees on how to use the newly set-up SharePoint environment, providing tips they specifically need.

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Several sites for collaboration and communication have been worked out to date. The organisation is thus one step further in terms of digital maturity, although there are still many stages to go. The employees themselves also experience numerous benefits such as clearer navigation, easier document sharing and automatic version management.

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