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UHasselt chooses eSignHaven, the digital signing platform of Zeticon

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  • Client
  • Hasselt University
  • Problem
  • UHasselt was looking for a user-friendly, convenient digital signature platform to make their administrative processes sustainable and digital. A digital signing platform was needed to allow one or more documents to be signed electronically and securely by both internal and external parties.
  • Solution
  • Zeticon's intuitive and user-friendly eSignHaven digital signature platform that meets UHasselt's technical and functional requirements.

UHasselt chooses eSignHaven, Zeticon's digital signature platform.

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that UHasselt has chosen Zeticon's eSignHaven platform as their digital signature platform. The platform will allow them to continue their mission in digitising and making their administrative processes more sustainable. Thanks to the platform, students, staff and externals alike will be able to digitally sign all their documents quickly, easily and completely securely.

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The challenges

Founded in 1973, UHasselt is a young and dynamic university in Limburg. In the 2023-2024 academic year, more than 7,000 students will take a bachelor's or master's degree there. The university has two campuses in Hasselt and Diepenbeek.

To make its administrative processes increasingly sustainable and digital, it needed a digital signature platform with advanced, automated workflow capabilities. After all, various documents need to be signed quickly and efficiently by different parties every day. Documents such as renewals of grant or employment contracts, teleworking agreements, secondment documents, etc. At a minimum, the documents should be able to be signed with advanced as well as qualified digital signatures.

A digital signing platform according to the needs of UHasselt

We like to zoom in on the key functionalities that were requested by Uhasselt and why eSignHaven meets the customer's needs.

  • Integration with UHasselt's current application structure:
    Thanks to the extensive API capabilities of our platform, integrations with other applications that UHasselt has been using for a long time are possible. In this way, the digital signature platform will be seamlessly integrated into their administrative processes. For example, integration will be provided with their Single-Sign-On solution.
  • Fast and efficient digital signing with different types of signatures
    By signing documents digitally, the university significantly speeds up its administrative processes. Signers no longer need to print documents, sign them by hand and then scan them again. Through the platform, it suffices to sign completely securely electronically in just a few clicks. If necessary due to the nature of the document, a qualified or advanced signature can be used. Hasselt University opts for signing with Itsme and/or eID. This way, the digital signature is fully legally valid, just like a traditional 'wet' signature.
  • An automated workflow
    Various functionalities in eSignHaven ensure that UHasselt is able to set up automated worfklow. For instance, it is possible to create workflow templates to fully automate and optimise the document approval process. The digital signature platform also features various workflows (serial, parallel, individual), extensive signature roles, post-processing actions, automatic configurable notifications, etc.
  • Extensive reporting and statistics
    Through the intuitive dashboard and reporting and statistics in eSignHaven, university administrative staff can easily monitor the status of documents.
  • A multilingual platform for different users
    UHasselt has Dutch-speaking, English-speaking and French-speaking users. It was crucial that the platform offers multilingual support that is adjustable per signatory.

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Project partnership as starting point

To get eSignHaven properly integrated into the existing administrative processes, Zeticon will soon start a proven onboarding process consisting of a number of workshops and training sessions for UHasselt staff. We look forward to the first results of this partnership.

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