File and media classification

Central registry where companies and organisations can categorise, classify and manage records based on content information

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What is file classification?

The file classification system, also known as a serial register within the public sector, is intended to structure and standardise the management of information. The series register gives you more control and insight into the information that is present in an organisation and whether it should be retained.

What is information? Information takes many forms: databases, documents, photos, audiovisual files, etc. To know what information is managed, it must be described in terms of content. This is done with the help of metadata.

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What can you do with File Classification?

With a file classification solution, you establish classifications of documents that follow the same metadata structure.

This is done in several steps:

  • Creation of management rules: this can be done directly through the application or through an import template provided, based on an already published classification or a template classification
  • Internal approval flow: submission of classification by an employee to an information manager for evaluation. After evaluation and approval, the series is automatically published.
  • Store and manage: classifications can be exported:
    • Lists of classification can be exported to csv
    • An individual classification can be exported to csv
    • An individual classification can be printed in pdf
  • Sharing: a link with e-Depot is provided via Open-Rest API

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