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Over the years, Merelbeke has also built up an impressive collection of photos, videos, flyers, posters, etc. built up over the years. Obviously, they don't want to see this go to waste and that's why Merelbeke municipality went in search of a durable solution to store their valuable collection.

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Gemeente Merelbeke has a lot of images and also city promotional material. Naturally, they wish to share these and make them accessible to their citizens. The municipality also has a lot of technical photographs of sewerage works and other technical projects. The municipality is therefore looking for a central location where they can store all content permanently, but where they can also easily call up the images to give to the workmen.


To ensure that their digital heritage is not lost, Merelbeke decided to choose Zeticon's image database, MediaHaven. This way, they can collect and consult their files faster. In addition, they also use MediaHaven's public website to disclose city promotional material such as photos, anniversaries, openings of new cultural centres, etc. to the general public.


The Merelbeke image database currently contains about 22,000 digital files. Internal staff use the digital asset management system on a daily basis to request images and exchange them internally with the administration and technical departments. In addition, many photos and videos are accessible to the general public via the public portal.

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