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Manage, store and access digital content in both the short and long term

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Link with Active Directory

By linking to the customer's Active Directory and the Dossier Classification System, the E-depot immediately knows who has access to which information when a user logs on.

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Find your files in no time with Zeticon's powerful search functionality.

Immediately access to your files

Quik and easy search

Search for the right file quickly and efficiently. With the powerful search function you can easily find your file, regardless of where it is located in your E-depot.

Advanced search

Do you want to search in more detail? You can! Search by author, categories, date, you name it. You can also add values to further refine your search.

Filter on series

Filters offer you the possibility to search more specifically for certain files of one or more series. Standard filters are provided, but we also offer the possibility to create customer-specific filters.

Saved Searches

Do you often have to look for the same files? No problem. Save your search, recall it within a few clicks and share it with your colleagues.


Want to see which files were last published, changed or are most relevant to you? You can! With our platform, you can indicate the results with the desired sorting.

Evaluation flow

Quality control is a crucial aspect of file upload and management. This quality control often involves several colleagues, which can quickly lead to a loss of overview. Our evaluation flow offers you several advantages:

  • Transparent communication and cooperation with colleagues from one central platform
  • A streamlined approval process with multiple roles (importer and content manager) where each role has to perform specific tasks
  • Quality control of the metadata ensures even better traceability of objects
  • Time saved through faster feedback and approval
  • User-friendly, intuitive flow and task list provide a clear overview
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Complete control through user rights

Want to be sure the right people have access to the right data? Zeticon's e-Depot has a comprehensive security model based on roles and groups where access to files can be regulated.

With the advanced rights management possibilities, you determine who does what in your e-Depot and keep full control.

Available roles:

  • Staff member
  • Archive manager
  • Information manager
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Secure discovery and access for all kinds of users

Every file can be downloaded, but thanks to different viewers in the application, certain file formats can be previewed.

Opening up files to the public can be done in various ways thanks to the presence of APIs.

  • via a public portal
  • via a closed portal
  • via various business applications

Other key features

Management of retention periods

Set your own suspension storage periods: monitor active suspensions and lifting suspensions. Set interruption periods

Instantly view your files through PDF, image and video viewer

Thanks to these viewers, sample files can be opened in the browser without having to download them first

Guarantee of evidential value

The descriptive and management metadata is always preserved and never destroyed. In this way, we can always guarantee the evidential value

Safe storage

We ensure that the original file formats are always preserved. So you can be sure that you will never lose the original

Readability guarantee

Zeticon engages in technology watch to ensure the long-term readability of files. We are also continuously researching transformation and viewing formats for complex file types

Automatic technical checks

When entering the E-repository, some checks are performed automatically, such as virus check, technical file check, refusal of number of files based on settings, etc.

Establish relationships between files

By creating relationships between files, you can easily link two files together

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