Olivier Deschrijver, as Project Manager at Zeticon

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Just like his colleagues at Zeticon, Olivier Deschrijver has a background at Ugent, where he mainly contributed to the development of the precursor of the MediaHaven product. From there, he continued his career at ComSof, Zeticon's parent company, before eventually moving on to Zeticon as a developer. At the moment, he plays an important role as Project Manager, where, just like his previous job as a developer, he doesn't shy away from any challenge.


After successfully completing his studies, Olivier started work as a researcher at the UGent one year later. Together with two other colleagues, he worked as a developer on the predecessor of MediaHaven. This software was mainly intended for projects in the broadcasting sector. As a team, they set up research projects for storing heritage, which gave Olivier the necessary experience and expertise and allowed him to develop his skills as a developer.


As a developer, he joined Zeticon in a larger team and mainly took on the role of analyst and developer. As Zeticon had new products at the start, Olivier's job consisted of thinking about problems and solving them. But as everything was developed and fixed, Olivier noticed that development was less his thing and he looked for a challenge on the more commercial side. He was given the opportunity to become a project manager, where the focus was hardly on development, but rather on contact and communication with the customer.

The job of a project manager mainly involves the customer; when the product is actually sold, Olivier accompanies the customer until it is fully up and running. So he interacts with people a lot and writes custom scripts that are different from the standard product. His goal is to make customers happy by directly understanding and sensing what exactly they want and what they are looking for.

"You can indicate yourself what you would like to do. If you feel like delving into something else, they look at all the possibilities within Zeticon and give you the chance to grow and move your expertise."

Olivier Deschrijver

The team feels like a close-knit family. Olivier, Nick, Alexis already knew each other through the University of Ghent, which made the start at Zeticon extra fun, familiar and smooth. Along the way, he saw the company slowly grow, which made it noticeable that over the years, more reinforcements came for and within the team. For Olivier, it was also important to find the right balance between work and private life throughout the growth.

"The temptation to work late used to be strong, but that is no longer possible when you have a family. The work-life balance in any job is very important and this is greatly appreciated within Zeticon."


Olivier experiences a very pleasant atmosphere in an open environment where all colleagues know each other and where everyone can fulfil his/her role. Also, new people are always warmly welcomed and quickly integrated into the group. Because of Zeticon's growth, jobs and departments have become more and more defined, although there are still plenty of moments where everyone comes together. Such an ideal moment arises, for example, around dinner time: eating together creates a light and relaxed atmosphere. The fixed lunch break provides the daily perfect moment to get to know each other even better.

"If you all fit at the same table at dinner time, everything will be fine."


At Zeticon, we are always looking for motivated colleagues to strengthen our team. Do not hesitate to send us your CV!

Written on Thuy Nguyen