DIGIHAVEN as integral E-depot solution

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Zeticon launches DigiHaven as integrated E-depot solution

In early 2020, Zeticon's new platform, DigiHaven, will be officially launched. The DigiHaven platform consists of 2 components, on the one hand a dossier register and on the other hand the e-Depot.


The dossier register makes it possible to structure the management of the various types of dossiers, without this having to be reflected in a complex folder structure, which over time no one can find their way through.

In the dossier register, the different types of dossiers are structured. In some organisations, this is also called series. In this series, in addition to typical identification such as the name of the series and the organisation, things such as validity period, legal retention period, level of disclosure, etc. are entered


The e-Depot is then the real archiving environment where, based on the information from the dossier register, the dossiers can be uploaded, enriched/managed to end up in the digital safe after validation. These dossiers and their respective case documents can then be retrieved in different ways such as portals, shopping systems and others.

When documents and dossiers are uploaded to the e-Depot, it is determined to which dossier type / series the dossier belongs, so that the metadata of the dossier type can be inherited and enriched. The e-Depot is responsible for the loading, management, preservation and accessibility of files based on the defined wishes of the customer.

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Written on Thuy Nguyen

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