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Welcome Niels to Zeticon's operations team!

Since mid-September, we can welcome Niels Van der Straeten as a permanent member of our team.

Niels is certainly not a new face, because after an internship of three months Niels decided to take the first steps of his career at Zeticon. First as a job student, from September onwards permanently employed!

Ever since his high school days, Niels was itching to get started with technology. His curiosity eventually drove him to study ICT - Electronics at Odissee High School, after which he chose to further specialise in Infrastructure and Networks.

Today, he is part of our support team and supports the operations team! Why he chose Zeticon and how he experienced the first months can be read in this blog.

Hi Niels, tell us more about your background?

My parents both have a background in IT, hence my enthusiasm for the IT world. This is because I always want to know how everything works, which is why I chose to study Electronics-ICT, majoring in infrastructure and networking. In secondary school, I quickly developed a passion for programming. This direction was therefore a logical choice. During my studies, I chose to specialise further in Cloud and Infrastructure. So recently I officially received my professional bachelor's degree in electronics-ict, majoring in ICT.

How do you get to know Zeticon?

Zeticon collaborates with Odisee and had posted a vacancy in which they were looking for internship students. The description was mainly about containerisation of applications and their scaling. This topic really appealed to me to do an undergraduate thesis around it. Therefore, I took my chances and applied for an internship at Zeticon.

After my internship, I received an offer to continue working at Zeticon. Naturally, I grabbed this opportunity with both hands. Unfortunately, I had one more re-exam, which meant I could not start immediately in July. Therefore, I first started working as a job student. This allowed me to settle in even better and get to know the company in-depth. A few weeks ago, I was finally able to officially start at Zeticon!

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There are a lot of software companies out there, why did you end up choosing Zeticon?

During my internship, I was exposed to the different technologies Zeticon uses for their products. This really appealed to me because there are so many different things. Consequently, my range of tasks was also very diverse and this provided the necessary challenges. I have a great interest in the cloud, and at Zeticon I can combine my passion with my work.

Another reason I chose Zeticon is the fact that I learned a lot during my internship. I felt like a full member of the team and was definitely not a number. It therefore seemed ideal to start here. It is important to me that I can continue to learn and grow. Together with the right support from my colleagues, these were the deciding factors for me to choose Zeticon.

What exactly do you do within Zeticon?

As a Junior Operations Engineer, I support clients with technical issues. I am also responsible for writing scripts that we use in the operations team. In time, I also intend to support the developers by setting up and managing the test environments.

If you had to describe a typical day within your role, what does it look like?

It is difficult to offer an unequivocal answer to this, because there is no such thing as a typical day due to the diversity of my tasks. It very much depends on what is on the schedule at the time. It can be a day with a lot of customer contact because extra support is needed, but it can also be a working day where I have to support the developers. Every Monday morning there is a sprint meeting to divide tasks. Then from Tuesday to Friday there is a daily stand-up where everyone tells what they have done and what they are still going to do. If anyone needs help, they can also ask for it here and we keep a good overview of what still needs to be done. At the end of each day, I do feel each time that I have added value, which is nice!


At Zeticon, we are always looking for motivated colleagues to strengthen our team. Do not hesitate to send us your CV!

Written on Thuy Nguyen