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We are very satisfied with the way in which the content is centralised, stored and opened up to peripheral applications. The cooperation with Zeticon ensured that we were able to achieve our goals!

Christian Donders, Product owner media & e-depot Hogeschool Utrecht

Hogeschool Utrecht

Before, you wanted to put on ten different 'hats' at the same time and take on extra tasks. Now there is room to take off a few 'hats', so that you can focus more on your own main task.

Alexis Rombaut

System Architect

At Zeticon, I found a place where I can pursue my passion for information management in an environment that strongly encourages entrepreneurship.

Louis Dejaegere


We save a lot of time and money by finding our audiovisual material more easily than ever before and by avoiding the need to store copies of files in different places. We now also have less risk of data loss.

Peter Van Ammel, Information Manager Stad Kortrijk

Stad Kortrijk

You can indicate yourself what you would like to do. If you feel like exploring something else, they look at all the possibilities within Zeticon and give you the opportunity to grow and move your expertise.

Olivier Deschrijver, projectmanager

Project manager at Zeticon

The atmosphere at Zeticon was unique from the first job interview. Everyone is very friendly, open and interested in my professional and personal journey.

Azize Erg√ľn

Junior Software Engineer

The right support, diverse range of tasks and the chance to further explore my interest in the Cloud makes Zeticon the ideal first employer!

Niels Van der Straeten, customer support engineer

Customer support engineer

The combination of interpersonal contact with customers and the ability to carry out operational assignments is the ideal fit for me!

Jonas Bras

Support Engineer at Zeticon

I chose Zeticon because it is an ambitious company with a clear vision where I can really make an impact.

Carla Schoorens

Manager information management

Here, you will find yourself in a challenging work environment where you can fully develop yourself. It is an exciting sector and exactly what I want to be part of.

Thuy Nguyen

Sales and Marketing