Trefdag Digitaal Vlaanderen 2020 goes digital

#TDV202 goes ... Digital

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On 26 November 2020 Digital Flanders Trefdag will take place again. Like every year, Informatie Vlaanderen organises the Digital Flanders Trefdag where the digital transformation of public services is central. This year, they are going all out with a digital version of the event!


In Flanders, the authorities are in full transformation to act and be digital. During the Digital Flanders Trefdag, you can discover how the authorities are now working smarter digitally with the help of various technologies and data flows. The goal is to improve their services for their target groups: citizens and various entrepreneurs. Covid-19 is also an enormous accelerator of digitisation, an extra stimulus for the digitisation of the government. During this event, discover inspiring sessions and get to know innovative companies that are helping to build Digital Flanders.


Within Zeticon, we continue to build on our 3 story lines, namely MediaHaven, DigiHaven and Information Management. With regard to MediaHaven, we are continuing to work on MediaHaven 2.0. In a first step, we transformed the end-user interface into a process-driven interface. Want to know more about MediaHaven 2.0? Read it in this blog.

DigiHaven is also being further developed. On the one hand there is the functional enhancement, which will also be carried through to the Digital Archive Flanders, such as the possibility of using a document safe through integration with the signature folder. On the other hand, we are in the analysis phase regarding the integration of our platform with the functionalities of an analogue archiving environment. This will ensure that, regardless of whether the file has already been digitised or not, people will be able to find the file quickly.

We are also working hard to expand our Information Management service. This is actually a direct result of some concrete questions from our clients who want to connect or are already connected to the Digital Archive Flanders. How should we go about doing that? Based on that need, we set up a service within Zeticon to guide those institutions. It is a structured process in which we structure the information management through various steps.

Curious about more? At our digital booth, you can listen to a podcast where we talk about the future of digital archiving.


A Digital Flanders, we like to contribute to that. Come and visit us during your virtual walk through the digital platform!

You can find our digital booth in the Cronos Public Services Room 2.

You can also talk to our people in person via the live chat at our digital stand. The lockdown does not stop us from helping you with the digitalisation of your government!

(This event has ended)

Written on Thuy Nguyen