Meeting Day Digital Flanders 2019

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On 28 November, the Digital Flanders Trefdag 2019 will take place; an event by Informatie Vlaanderen where customers come together to work on the promotion and regulation of data creation, management and sharing. This both between government services and between governments, citizens and companies.


As an agency, it acts as a digital leader to support the progress of the government's services. In this way, everyone can easily find information and communicate with the Flemish government. (Government of Flanders)

Zeticon is also present this year! In "session 6: Smart City - Smart Region", Dirk Deroost, Quincy Oeyen and Chris Van der Schueren present the DAV section (Digital Archive Flanders) in the context of the digital port.


As the largest Belgian technology group, Cronos is a catalyst in translating new technologies into concrete business solutions. In other words, innovation is in the Cronos DNA. Living Together - Working Together - Doing Business Together, provides numerous new opportunities to do things differently and more efficiently for, by and with the citizen, wherever this is useful. The increasing growth of data requires intelligent platforms and specific attention to information management, in which cooperation, improved service provision and simple communication go hand in hand.

The digital port is also expanding. With the ever-growing interest in the digitisation of the thousands of kilometres of physical archives, we will further expand our solutions (image bank, newspaper archive, heritage archive, communication tools, etc.) with a new cost-efficient, secure and robust e-Depot solution.

Curious about the what, how and when of this solution brought to you by the Facilitair Bedrijf van de Vlaamse Overheid and Cronos with the DAV platform?

Get inspired by our dynamic session and register at:! #TDV19

What: Session 6: Smart City - Smart Region

When? 28 November 2019, 11.50-12.40 a.m.

Where? ICC Ghent, Van der Goeszaal (1st)

Event has ended

Written on Thuy Nguyen