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4 new features to save time in your DAM

Over the past few months, we have not been idle. With great enthusiasm, our team worked on new features for our DAM product. In this blog, we would therefore like to highlight some of the latest features.

Crop your assets into the desired format for any platform

Need a specific part of an image for a social media post or a magazine? Put the right focus with the cropping tool within our DAM and leave external programmes behind. This will save you time (and money ;) ). In one simple action, you create the right content in 1,2,3. Select the piece of the image you need and you're off!

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Perform bulk operations easily

1,000 images of an event in the same location? Noticed a spelling error in a keyword? Accidentally added the wrong photographer? No worries! Bulk operations allow you to perform the following actions for all items in a search:

- Add metadata
- Change metadata
- Delete metadata
- Add items to a new or existing collection

Launch the bulk operation and the system will start working on it in the background. We have also made sure that you can further track the status.

Edit your own thesaurus suggestions

From now on, you can easily manage new thesaurus suggestions yourself. Add translations and complete the alternative terms or synonyms when you evaluate the suggestion. Determine the right place in the structure for more accurate metadata. This way, you also make sure your assets are easy to find.

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Management of input areas and user groups

Last but not least, the management of user groups and input zones has a new look. Administrators can now create and edit groups and zones themselves via the "Settings & Management" module. So you can add additional users or modify the rights of a group in just a few clicks without us having to intervene.
If you need both, we can reassure you: a DAM can be integrated with a DMS such as SharePoint.

Curious about these new features? Find out for yourself in the 22.4 release of our DAM. Do you have any suggestions or questions? Our team is always at your service.

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Written on Mathilde Lacante