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  • Client
  • Hogeschool Utrecht
  • Problem
  • Need to find a central platform to store, archive and make everything accessible to students and staff
  • Solution
  • A sustainable MAM system

With the increasing need for video in Hogeschool Utrecht (HU), it was important to find a central platform to store, archive and make everything accessible to students and staff. Zeticon, in partnership with HU, implemented a DAM (Digital Asset Management) and e-Depot system so students and professors could quickly store, retrieve, view and evaluate a rich variety of audiovisual material and documents. After a thorough and in-depth selection procedure, Mediahaven proved to be the ideal solution for HU to serve as an underlying platform for storing the media material used in classes, exams and documents throughout students' careers at HU. Initially, HU was only looking for a MAM (Media Asset Management) system, but very quickly realised that MediaHaven could be used for more than just MAM.

Stad sint niklaas
A school career full of documents

As soon as a student enrols in a college or university, all files are stored or archived during his/her entire learning career. Some of these files also need to be kept for a longer period of time after the student's career. Of course, this was already the case for Utrecht University, but because this involves a large amount of files, the university decided to put out a tender. Zeticon and its platform MediaHaven were chosen as partners and solutions. The focus was on how MediaHaven could serve as a central archiving platform and on the openness of the platform, so that seamless links to the HU's other applications could be implemented.

Increasing importance of video through blended learning

In addition to the ever-growing volume of documents per student, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences also realised that the use of video would only increase in the coming years. One of the reasons for this development is the further expansion of the 'blended learning' concept. Blended learning means that the student can combine campus education and e-learning. This makes the importance of a central system for storage, archiving, metadata, access management, and workflow automation of learning materials increasingly important. An additional requirement is of course that the manageability and security of the media must be guaranteed.

We are very satisfied with the way in which the content is centralised, stored and opened up to peripheral applications. The cooperation ensured that we were able to achieve our goals!

Julie Wymeersch - Deskundige Communicatie stad Sint-Niklaas
E-depot as a reference for exams and evaluations

For an exam such as Sign Language or other evaluations of actions within a particular course such as Nursing, it is important to assess each action as thoroughly as possible. When the required actions can be captured on video, this provides added value for a more thorough evaluation or re-evaluation. To achieve this, students need to be able to upload their examination material easily. On the MediaHaven platform, this is done through the user-friendly import module. The Mediahaven solution ensures this material is safely stored and archived, after which the teacher can evaluate and comment on the video by creating fragments in the video player. After the evaluation, the videos can be stored in the e-depot section of Mediahaven, so that they can still be retrieved and viewed later if there are doubts about the student's results.

More info about the import module

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