Zeticon proudly launches self-service platform for eSignHaven, the intuitive platform for digital signatures

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Zeticon proudly presents the e-commerce platform for eSignHaven! The platform to get started quickly with digital signatures at a competitive price, with Zeticon's well-known support and service.

Before launching the e-commerce platform, we talked to one of Zeticon's managing partners, Nick Vercammen. He explained the possibilities and unique selling points of eSignHaven to us.

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Hello Nick, why do you think companies should switch to digital signing?

Business processes are undergoing a digital transformation one by one. Think of document management, HR processes and legal processes. Yet document signing is still often traditionally cumbersome: drafting, printing, signing, scanning and forwarding documents again slows down processes considerably. In addition, there is still a lot of ignorance around the legal validity of electronic signatures, so these business processes are still done in the old, time-consuming way. By signing digitally, these pain points are a thing of the past.

What is eSignHaven?

eSignHaven is a complete solution for all your workflows where a signature is required. It offers basic, qualified, as well as advanced digital signatures. In addition, you can also track the status of your documents in a clear dashboard. The platform is designed to efficiently and smoothly optimise the process in which companies deliver, review, approve and sign their business documents.

Discover eSignHaven

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Who are eSignHaven's customers?

Zeticon has already achieved quite a number of successful implementations of eSignHaven over a considerable period of time. Our client portfolio features a variety of industries, including government, banking, insurance, retail, utilities, aviation and pharmaceuticals. In fact, the product is suitable for all types of organisations. Whether you are a start-up, a small SME or a large corporation, our subscriptions are designed to meet the needs of different business processes.

Why has an e-commerce platform now been developed for eSignHaven?

Our digital signature platform is already used by large companies such as Belfius, Carrefour, Cronos Group, etc. But to also support SMEs and start-ups to easily sign online, we have invested in an e-commerce platform where the desired subscription can be quickly subscribed and the environment is set up in 1-2-3. This way, they avoid start-up costs and companies can easily choose between different subscription packages.

In this way, Zeticon also wants to offer these organisations an affordable, cost-efficient and secure digital signing solution.

One of the biggest strengths of our digital signature platform is its user-friendliness. Without any training, the user can upload a document, select the appropriate workflow, select the desired signature type and that's it. That is why this service also allows us to turn it into an e-commerce product. Naturally, we provide the necessary support if urgent questions arise. For instance, there is already a knowledge base available via our partner Ascertia in which various tutorials of the platform are publicly accessible. And of course we have a dedicated helpdesk to support customers.

Can you tell us a bit more about the different subscription models?

We offer four formulas, very straight forward:

  • eSignHaven Lite: Basic digital signatures for individuals at a competitive price.
  • eSignHaven Pro: Basic digital signatures for small and medium-sized companies with an unlimited number of users.
  • eSignHaven Premium: For medium and large companies using qualified ItsMe signatures with an unlimited number of users.
  • eSignHaven Enterprise: Qualified digital signatures and company seals specifically tailored for large companies.

Payment is securely completed in a few clicks and you can start digital signing within minutes.

Get started with digital signing

There are already some digital signing solutions that also offer the ability to quickly subscribe online. How is eSignHaven different from these competitors?

We have several strengths. For example, our offer for SMEs and start-ups already has the option of signing with itsme, and at a competitive price. This competitive price is possible because of the long-term partnership we have with itsme. By integrating with itsme, eSignHaven makes it easier for Belgian companies to verify the identity of their customers and/or employees and sign securely.

We also strive to offer a platform with the highest security standards to protect all valuable information. Therefore, we offer witness seal signing as standard for simple electronic signatures. This is something that other platforms do not offer.

In addition, we anticipate an unlimited number of users. After all, most competitors charge a price per user. You can also sign standard documents in bulk. So you can sign a bunch of documents with just one signature. In terms of time savings and efficiency, this adds up.

And of course, as already mentioned, the user-friendliness of the platform: eSignHaven offers intuitive ‘what you see is what you sign’ web and mobile user interfaces.

Discover the many possibilities of eSignHaven

To celebrate the launch, you can enjoy a temporary 15% discount.

Written on Thuy Nguyen